Thursday, 11 February 2010

From Zanzibar to Worlds Legend

Zanzibaris mainly used to call there son as like Ali , Moh’d, Said and many other like to symbolize there long standing traditions of surnames. This is mainly because of long cultural norms of Islamic named inherited from historical Arab colonial rule .

When Mr Peik Johansson mentioned the name of Freddie Mercury as the one the most top rock and roll music legend with originality from Zanzibar , many of the internet journalism training participants swings there heads like a fans to claims that’s may be that was not among the common traditional names of Zanzibar

Yes he is . He was born in Zanzibar in 1946 with the same common names Farouk Bulsara like any other Zanzibaris and live in the one the most long standing old city of Zanzibar known as stone town playing in a narrow street . His family immigrated in Zanzibar from India and his fathers worked for British Government as an accountant .
Back in 1970 , he joined boarding school in India and letter on he moved to London for further studies .

Like a new leaf bad , he was found earlier as music lover playing a piano just as a pleasure with friend but his unique beautiful and powerful voice convinced him to establish a Queen band with his three friends

May be you can not compare Mercury with Michel Jackson based on many thing but one of his best music legend tag was powerful vocals and flamboyant performances although he was a very shy guy in backstage .

Freddie was best known as Britain’s first Asian rocks star and the Times Asia named him as the one most influential Asian heroes on the past 60 years and ranked as an 18 of the 100 greatest singers of all time selling 3000 million copies album

For football lovers in international performances may be you have already hear the high vocal voice of the song “ We are the Champion” as the one of popular songs during football victory . This one among the best ever Freddie powerful song which entitles other popular song like Bohemian Rhapsody, Killer Queen . Crazy Little Thing called Love , Barcelona and many other popular song which picked up high rank in world music charts

Life is a like candle in a strong wind or is like an old leaf in tree . That’s during early 90’s there was rumors that ,Freddie was badly ill suffers from HIV/AIDS infections . This rumors confirmed by him that he was conceded by the virus on his public announcement . Mercury die on 24th November, 1991 after severe illness

In Zanzibar my be the Freddie Mercury legendary history is paved because by his personal life style and less aborigine family affiliation background but in the world of music he remain a guru rock on roll music vocalist with excellent skills in stage performances

                                                                                                             Freddie  Mercury

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