Tuesday, 9 February 2010

What we learnt from yesterday

Yesterday is a one among my favourite day in the world of journalism and internate. It was about opening a big cyber café if not a Burji Khalifa, the world tallest building in Abudhabi .

After a brief introduction from MISA Tanzania about the content of the five days comprehensive training on journalism and internet cybercafé , Mr Peik Johansson our course facilitator introduce to us about him self as a professional journalist and the Finish Foundation for media , Communication and Development as an international media outlet for communication development .
The self introduction was one among the interesting part in which every participate introduce his/ her journalism experience and familiarities with internet to deal with daily journalistic carrier .

Among the topic and subjects introduced was:-
 Internet as a source ;for information , communication, publication , research, shopping , global diary, library, funs and friends , facts findings , banking , booking , entertainment , wikipedia and cyclopedia etc
 How internet has change the society
 Leaning by doing: searching for buying e-ticket from Helsink to Turku ;changing schedule and accurate depart time table
 Web searching and editing : editing Wete population profile and Communication and Media in Zanzibar
 Google map: Searching for Google map and images
 Blogs: opening individual blogspots based on blog address , title and posting
 Top websites and search engines : Google , ebay, amazon ,myspace , you tube , yahoo, Slashdot etc

DAY 2: 9TH FEB, 2010
 Viewing individual blogs
 Posting and editing
 Changing layout , setting and templates designing

 Popular world surfing
 Africa internet surfing statistics
 Discussion : factors contributing to

 Local and international websites
 Tanzania online newspaper : eg ipp media , global publishers
 Tanzania national websites and other links

Its just a two days ending with a three days in hand but honestly i can say that this internate courses has open up my mind to upgrade my journalism carrier . I came to realize that a gentle man from Finland has an experince of opening the doors of internate cyber world

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